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BMJ Global Health

is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing research on all aspects of global health.


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BMJ Global Health is an open access, online journal dedicated to publishing high-quality peer-reviewed content relevant to those involved in global health, including policy makers, funders, researchers, clinicians and frontline healthcare workers. BMJ Global Health adheres to the highest possible industry standards concerning publication ethics.

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Editor-in-Chief: Dr Seye Abimbola, University of Sydney, Australia
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This image shows an individual using their smartphone.
Digital Innovations for Community and Primary Health in India

A comprehensive supplement showcasing content on the impact that digital innovations have had in Communities and Primary Health care.

This image shows a needle being injected into someone's arm. It is an example if a vaccination.
The future of vaccine safety

This collection showcases analyses on the development of vaccine safety, covering topics like novel vaccine safety issues and pharmacovigilance requirements.

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Original research:

Scent dogs in detection of COVID-19: triple-blinded randomised trial and operational real-life screening in airport setting

16 May 2022

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If global health equity is to stand a chance, the UK must cancel its plans to offshore asylum seekers to Rwanda

8 May 2022

Asylum seekers/refugeesHuman Rights


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Reduction of secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in households by face mask use, disinfection and social distancing: a cohort study in Beijing, China
28 May 2020

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