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Prevalence and global estimates of unsafe listening practices in adolescents and young adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Lauren K Dillard, Malachi Ochieng Arunda, Lucero Lopez-Perez, Ricardo X Martinez, Lucía Jiménez, Shelly Chadha

15 November 2022

The human toll and humanitarian crisis of the Russia-Ukraine war: the first 162 days
Ubydul Haque, Amna Naeem, Shanshan Wang, Juan Espinoza, Irina Holovanova, Taras Gutor, Dimitry Bazyka, Rebeca Galindo, Sadikshya Sharma, Igor P Kaidashev, Dmytro Chumachenko, Svyatoslav Linnikov, Esther Annan, Jailos Lubinda, Natalya KorolSee the full list of authors

27 September 2022

Climate cardiology
Michael B Hadley, Rajesh Vedanthan, Kristie L Ebi, Valentin Fuster

2 June 2022

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