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Everything we do at BMJ is motivated by our vision of ‘A Healthier World’. This is our sole reason for launching BMJ Global Health: to provide doctors and all other healthcare workers with information that will help them improve the health of people wherever they are in the world – from the largest cities to the remotest villages. In order to achieve this, we believe that it’s important to allow people to read the journal for free wherever they are, on any device. When the author has received funding, Original Research papers and Reviews will be published as Open Access under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0 licence and we request a fee towards the cost of publication of GBP 3000 excluding VAT; for Protocols and Editorials, we request a fee towards the cost of publication of GBP 1500 excluding VAT.
In order to sustain this free-to-read model, we want to work with organisations which share our vision and which are willing to underwrite the cost of access. For more information please contact Claire Rawlinson, Publisher
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