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Racial discrimination and adverse pregnancy outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Kim Robin van Daalen, Jeenan Kaiser, Samuel Kebede, Gabriela Cipriano, Hassan Maimouni, Ekiomoado Olumese, Anthea Chui, Isla Kuhn, Clare Oliver-Williams

2 August 2022

Global seroprevalence and sociodemographic characteristics of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in human populations: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Yan Dong, Guozhong Zhou, Wenjing Cao, Xin Xu, Yu Zhang, Zhenhua Ji, Jiaru Yang, Jingjing Chen, Meixiao Liu, Yuxin Fan, Jing Kong, Shiyuan Wen, Bingxue Li, Peng Yue, Aihua LiuSee the full list of authors

13 June 2022

Climate cardiology
Michael B Hadley, Rajesh Vedanthan, Kristie L Ebi, Valentin Fuster

2 June 2022

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