Table 2

Vaccines averted from expiration and costs maintained through urgent support in eight African countries

CountryTotal number of near-expiration vaccine doses at the baselineTotal number of near-expiration vaccine doses administeredProportion of vaccines averted from expiryCost of expiration averted vaccines (US$)Major urgent support provided
Cameroon23 00122 97999.9%8272.44Targeted personnel were contracted and trained to effectively administer vaccines and manage data, IT equipment, TA on data entry, reporting and monitoring
Lesotho701 820295 09642.0%106 234.6Trained HCWs, IEC materials were procured to raise COVID-19 vaccination awareness, COVID-19 messages through the national TV and radio stations
Liberia131 12361 54046.9%22 154.4Set up additional CVCs, trained and deployed staff, provided supplies and PPE equipment, RCCE activities, provided IEC materials, aired COVID-19 messages in TV and radio spots
Kenya283 822230 59981.2%83 015.64Outreach centres and mass campaigns, trained community health workers, door-to-door sensitisation
Sierra Leone357 603320 43389.6%115 355.9Set up additional CVCs, trained HCWs, engaged faith-based organisations, used IEC materials
South Sudan972 956937 75096.4%337 590Set up additional CVCs, trained HCWs, RCCE, engaged higher officials and prominent individuals
Tanzania109 901109 901100%39 564.36Set up additional CVCs, trained HCWs, social media messages, call centre messages, advocacy meetings
Zambia549 182528 06096.1%190 101.6Targeted community radio/TV discussions, mass sensitisation events, targeted community leaders or key influencer’s engagement
Total3 129 4082 506 35880.1%902 288.9
  • CVCs, COVID-19 vaccination centres; HCW, healthcare worker; IEC, Information, Education and Counseling; PPE, personal protective equipment; RCCE, risk communication and community engagement; TA, technical assistance.