Table 3

Sexual satisfaction—multilevel multivariate model

n=2913OR95% CIP value
Age0.990.98 to 1.000.23
Anal intercourse in the last 6 months
 Anal intercourse with condom1
 No intercourse0.610.42 to 0.880.01
 Anal intercourse without condom1.090.87 to 1.360.45
Assumed HIV concordance last intercourse
 Concordant1.521.23 to 1.870.00
 Discordant1.620.95 to 2.770.08
Sex role in the last 6 months
 Receptive only1
 Insertive only1.501.21 to 1.860.00
 Insertive and receptive1.351.07 to 1.710.01
Partnership in the last 6 months
 Non steady only1
 No partner0.750.40 to 1.410.38
 Steady only3.522.48 to 5.010.00
 Steady and non-steady2.532.04 to 3.130.00
Perceived homopositivity1.101.06 to 1.150.00
  • P values in bold are <0.05, indicating the association between predictor and outcome variable reached the treshold for significance.