Table 2

Sexual satisfaction—bivariate analysis

No of observationsSatisfied %OR95% CIP value
 Age45650.990.98 to 1.000.00
  High school or lower197177.11
  Degree or higher250976.40.910.78 to 1.050.19
 Self-reported HIV status4567
  Negative344277.30.830.60 to 1.170.29
  Unknown86972.60.660.46 to 0.940.02
 Use of party drugs last intercourse4368
  No396576.70.900.69 to 1.170.43
 Anal intercourse in the last 6 months4567
  Anal intercourse with condom108475.11
  No anal intercourse80270.60.710.56 to 0.880.00
  Condomless anal intercourse268179.21.401.18 to 1.670.00
 Assumed HIV concordance last intercourse3381
  Concordant148384.02.251.89 to 2.690.00
  Discordant15986.22.421.51 to 3.850.00
 Number of partners in the last 6 months4397
  025268.70.460.34 to 0.640.00
  2–3103975.10.680.55 to 0.860.01
  4–563079.10.870.67 to 1.130.29
  6–1074771.40.630.50 to 0.810.00
  >1086777.70.890.70 to 1.130.33
 Sex role in the last 6 months3919
  Receptive only134671.81
  Insertive only141579.71.451.21 to 1.740.00
  Insertive and receptive115879.31.451.20 to 1.750.00
 Partnership in the last 6 months3914
  Non-steady only116861.11
  No partner15362.80.930.65 to 1.320.67
  Steady only58189.24.933.69 to 6.600.00
  Steady and non-steady201282.32.892.44 to 3.420.00
 Perceived homopositivity45661.101.06 to 1.130.00
  Not out126873.81
  Out319377.71.150.98 to 1.350.08
  • P values in bold are <0.05, indicating the association between predictor and outcome variable reached the treshold for significance