Table 1

Summary of advancements attributable wholly or in part to investment cases

CountryYear investment case initiatedActionImpact area
Armenia2018Adopted law on tobacco use reduction (2020)Governance
Increased budget allocated for NCD (2021)Financing
Barbados2015Introduced sugar-sweetened beverages tax (2015, increased in 2022)Governance, financing
Dedicated budget to NCD, including by nominating a minister for NCDsGovernance, financing
Implemented cardiovascular risk reduction initiatives and strengthened capacity of community health workersHealth service access and delivery
Continued multisectoral coordination for NCDGovernance
Cambodia2018Endorsed smoke-free environment in tourism (2022)Governance
Establishment of working group on tobacco (2022)Governance
Developed Strategic Plan for Tobacco Control (2021)Governance
Developed action plan for salt reduction (2021)Governance
Developed national strategic plan on NCDs (2022)Governance
Prioritised NCD interventions in primary care (2022)Financing
Ethiopia2018Adopted strategic action plan on NCDs (2020)Governance
Conducted training exercises for NCD management (ongoing)Health service access and delivery
Reformed tobacco and alcohol tax structure (2020)Governance, financing
Adopted ban on alcohol advertisement (2020)Governance
Launched salt reduction media campaign (2021)Governance
Increased spending for NCDs (2020)Financing
Established NCD multisectoral committee (2020)Governance
Jamaica2017Implemented health system strengthening programme, with a focus on NCD (2019)Health service access and delivery, financing
Carried out awareness-raising campaign on physical activity and nutrition (2018/2019/2022)Governance
Increased funding to NCD during, and in response to, the COVID-19 pandemic (2020)Financing
Reactivated National Committee on NCDs (2021)Governance
Policy shift to address NCD risk factors (Taking Responsibility Programme) (2018)Governance
Kyrgyzstan2016Adopted the law on tobacco consumption (2021)Governance
Implemented smoke-free policies in parks and playgrounds across municipalities (2021)Governance
Organised the World Nomad Games in a smoke-free environment (2018)Governance
Philippines2018Implemented excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol and earmarked revenues to fund a universal health coverage scheme (2019)Governance, financing, health service access and delivery
Adopted policy on elimination of trans-fats (2021)Governance
Launched health promotion strategy 2030 (2021)Governance
Russian Federation2019Adopted federal law on tobacco consumption (2021)Governance
Allocated budget for the implementation of health promotion project, including on communication campaigns on NCD risk factors (2020)Financing
Thailand2020Adopted national plan on NCD (2022)Governance
Extended the term of multisectoral committee on NCDs (2023)Governance
Türkiye2017Increased coverage of NCD-related clinical services at primary care (2022)Health service access and delivery, financing
Launched campaigns on salt reduction and early detection of kidney disease (2018)Governance
Established intersectoral working group on NCDs (2018)Governance
Uganda2019Integrated NCDs into HIV/AIDS service delivery points, by leveraging US$4.5 million PEPFAR donation (2022)Health service access and delivery, financing
Drafted NCD Multisectoral Strategy Governance
Established national NCD multisectoral committee chaired by the prime minister (2022)Governance
Uzbekistan2017Issued presidential decree to encourage physical activity (2020) and organised public communication to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle (2020–2022)Governance
Launched national NCD strategy (2018)Governance
Established the Healthy Lifestyle Center (2018) and intersectoral commission on disease prevention and public health (2020)Governance
Zambia2017Catalysed the 2022 NCDI Poverty Commission ReportGovernance
Catalysed resource mobilisation for NCDs from the Center for Infectious Disease ResearchFinancing, health service access and delivery
Developed multisectoral NCD strategic plan (2022)Governance, financing
  • NCD, non-communicable disease; NCDI, National Noncommunicable Disease and Injury; PEPFAR, President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.