Table 1

Characteristics of focus group participants

Study countriesRole of FGD participants in the communityGenderTotal
BangladeshBuddhist monk, university student, headmaster, housewife, businessman/woman, healthcare worker, retired government officer, community healthcare providers, representative of community-based women activist group
Ethnic group: Marma
CambodiaVillage chiefs, representative from community woman affair network, health centre staff, retired government staff, primary school committee member, staff from community forestry association, archbishop’s committee member
The majority were Khmers.
Lao PDRFarmers, deputy village heads, livelihoods
The majority were Laos.
Thai-Myanmar borderFGD1: village track leaders, vendor, medical staff, village track administrative staff, midwife, social volunteer, community health worker, teacher, business woman, religious leader
Ethnic groups: S’gaw-Karen, Pwo-Karen, Burmans/Bamars
FGD2: village committee member, teachers, village health workers, representative from women organisation and religious leaders
Ethnic group: S’gaw Karen
ThailandFGD1—farmer, deputy village head, vendor, police inspector, mayor’s secretary, gardener, agriculturists
Ethic groups: Tai Yai (Shan), Yunnan Chinese, Khmu, Hmong and Lao-Thai
FGD2—farmers, religious leader, village health volunteers
Ethnic groups: Lisu, Akha, Lahu
  • FGD, focus group discussion.