Table 4

Questions/items that were ranked lowest and highest based on responses to all six factors and using ‘global’ data from all countries

GlobalUgandaKenyaVietnamChinaBurundiSierra LeoneNigeriaFiji
 The 5 Items with lowest ranked scores using data from all countriesI feel that I am unable to balance my work and personal life during my internship.11131516512
I feel nervous and/or stressed because of my internship work.25213131421
I am preoccupied by concerns about multiple patients during my internship.32551411410
I feel worn out because of my work as a medical intern.4439441134
I feel overwhelmed because my case workload seems endless during the internship.534162819379
 The 5 Items with highest ranked scores using data from all countriesI am proud of what I can do to help as a medical intern.12124441213
I believe I can make a difference through my work.21234342144
My ability to keep up with clinical techniques and protocols makes me feel pleased.33333461522
I believe that I am a success as a medical intern.4444030105310
I have opportunities to acquire the appropriate practical procedures for clinical practice during my internship.585816251466
  • The five lowest ranked items (1=lowest of all to 5=fifth lowest, in red) are presented with the five highest ranked items (1=highest of all to 5=fifth highest, in green) with respect to all 50 items. In the country specific columns, the rank is given for that item with respect to responses to all 50 items within that country.