Table 3

Final items included for the MIES scale

FactorQuestionItem loadingAdapted or new
Factor 1—clinical learning and supervision (n=14)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.93)
My clinical supervisors are enthusiastic about teaching and supervision.0.93PHEEM
The clinical supervisors provide me with regular feedback.0.90
My clinical supervisors are accessible for teaching and supervision.0.89
My clinical supervisors have good mentoring skills.0.88
The clinical supervisors provide me with feedback on my strengths and weaknesses to ensure my professional development.0.75
My clinical supervisors have good communication skills.0.74
I have enough clinical learning opportunities for my needs during the internship period.0.68
I have good clinical supervision at all times during my internship.0.67
My clinical supervisors encourage me to be an independent learner.0.63
My clinical supervisors have set clear expectations.0.61
I am able to participate actively in educational sessions (e.g., continuing medical educations) during my internship.0.59
I have opportunities to acquire the appropriate practical procedures for clinical practice during my internship.0.58
I have access to educational sessions and programmes that are relevant to my needs during my internship0.58
My clinical supervisors promote an atmosphere of mutual respect.0.55
Factor 2—patient safety (n=10)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.90)
There are clear and updated patient safety protocols in the internship hospital.0.81New
Medical errors are handled appropriately in my internship hospital.0.73SAQ
I know the proper channels to direct questions regarding patient safety.0.72
I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any patient safety concerns I may have.0.70
The culture in my internship hospital makes it easy to learn from the errors of others.0.69
I would feel safe being treated as a patient in my internship hospital.0.68
I know the proper channels to direct questions regarding my own safety.0.65New
There are adequate infection prevention and control measures.0.63New
I can report any concern and receive responsive feedback in my internship hospital.0.63New
There are clear clinical protocols and guidelines across all departments in the internship hospital.0.46PHEEM
Factor 3—stress and burnout (n=10)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.90)
I feel overwhelmed because my case workload seems endless during the internship.0.97ProQOL
I feel worn out because of my work as a medical intern.0.91
I feel trapped by my job as a medical intern.0.71
I feel bogged down and held back by the internship hospital.0.68
I am preoccupied by concerns about multiple patients during my internship.0.67
I find it difficult to separate my personal life from my life as a medical intern.0.63
I feel that I am unable to balance my work and personal life during my internship.0.63PSS
I feel nervous and/or stressed because of my internship work.0.63
I find that I could not cope with all the work that I had to do during my internship.0.45
I am angered because of things that were outside of my control.0.40
Factor 4—job satisfaction (n=7)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.88)
I am proud of what I can do to help as a medical intern.0.93ProQOL
I believe I can make a difference through my work.0.88
I believe that I am a success as a medical intern.0.81
I am happy that I chose to do this work.0.79
My internship work makes me feel satisfied.0.73
My ability to keep up with clinical techniques and protocols makes me feel pleased.0.64
My internship experience met my expectation.0.48New
Factor 5—mental well-being (n=5)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.84)
I have eating problems, either have poor appetite, or have been overeating.0.82PHQ-9
I have sleeping problems, either have trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much.0.76
I have trouble concentrating on things either work-related, or outside of my work.0.66
I have little interest or pleasure in doing things that I used to enjoy.0.63
I feel down, depressed, or hopeless because of my internship work.0.59
Factor 6—fairness and discrimination (n=4)
(Cronbach’s alpha: 0.74)
There is gender discrimination in my internship hospital.0.73PHEEM
There are other forms of discrimination (e.g., ethnicity, religion, tribe, disability) in my internship hospital.0.73New
I get bullied or victimised within my internship hospital.0.47New
I have to perform inappropriate tasks during my internship.0.44PHEEM
  • PHEEM stands for Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure, ProQOL stands for Professional Quality of Life Measure, PHQ9 stands for Patient Health Questionnaire 9, PSS stands for Perceived Stress Scale and SAQ stands for Safety Attitude Questionnaire. Items are either adapted from these scales or are new.