Table 1

Descriptive statistics

AIDS mortality rate per 100 000 people*44.456119.1670.0091118.7473784UNAIDS2
HIV incidence per 1000 people*0.7952.2060.00121.6843784UNAIDS2
COVID-19 excess deaths per 100 000 people†73.35997.365151.108655.319171The Economist and Solstad1
Gini index*0.5730.0870.3700.7813434World Inequality Database32
Health expenditure per capita (US$)*927.4861649.6714.00011 702.0003542World Bank31
  • *Period covered is 2000–2021.

  • †Period covered in 2020/2021. COVID-19 excess deaths refer to an estimate of the deaths that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic over and above what would be expected in the absence of the pandemic.

  • max, maximum value; min, minimum value; n, number of observations.