Table 3

Top 25 ranked priorities by setting and expertise

Best practice guidanceDevelop systematic approaches to teaching children swimming and water safety skills.1233811
Capacity buildingStrengthen capacity for data systems to measure and monitor drowning burden at all levels.24141626
Inclusive global governanceIncrease funding for advocacy, research, policy and implementation.3526937
Multisectoral actionDevelop national/subnational strategies and action plans.4119141624
Inclusive global governanceDevelop regional strategies, and action plans for drowning prevention.5947101010
Multisectoral actionDevelop inclusive approaches with governments, civil society, community and private sector.6861514417
Multisectoral actionStrengthen multisectoral policies that address drowning prevention challenges (at all levels).71271631419
Inclusive global governanceEstablish a global alliance for drowning prevention.87111131813
Engagement with health and sustainable development agendasPrioritise partnerships in the Disaster Risk Reduction sector aligned to the Sendai Framework.910121222015
Multisectoral actionStrengthen coordinating mechanisms to facilitate collaboration and accountability at national/subnational levels.10320205818
Inclusive global governancePrioritise inclusion of high burden populations in decision-making and global governance.11131317111311
Best practice guidancePromote best practice guidance for community education and training interventions.121591118163
Best practice guidancePromote WHO guidance for safe places for preschool children in high burden populations.131910182472
Multisectoral actionPrioritise partnerships with the early childhood care and development sector.14622241299
Inclusive global governance with strengthened accountabilityConvene multistakeholder meetings and forums to coordinate drowning prevention efforts.152358171914
Research and further contextualisation of drowning preventionInvestigate the impact of social and demographic factors on drowning prevention.1618151020175
High-level political advocacyDevelop strategies for engagement with the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States.17228192558
Research and further contextualisation of drowning preventionInvestigate the burden and effectiveness of interventions addressing child and adolescent drowning.1816212515124
Multisectoral actionPrioritise partnerships with the education sector.191123942422
Engagement with health and sustainable development agendasAlign drowning prevention with the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.201718572523
Multisectoral actionIncrease funding for pathway projects in multisectoral action for drowning prevention.21142421191125
Multisectoral actionPrioritise partnerships with the emergency sector, including with police and fire departments.2221162212221
Inclusive global governanceAdopt a targeted country approach, by selecting 10 priority countries across different contexts to identify, and share novel approaches.23251422231512
High-level political advocacyDevelop an accountability framework aligned to the UN Resolution on Global Drowning Prevention to monitor national progress.24241713222316
Capacity buildingStrengthen capacity for policy-based approaches to drowning prevention.2520252362120
  • HIC, high-income country; LMIC, low- and middle-income country; UN, United Nations.