Table 2

Government agency, date of announcement and Justification of the COVID-19 kit distribution

Country/government agency making the announcementDate of announcementJustification of the distribution of the COVID-19 kits
Peru Health Minister08 May 2020‘Based on the discussion of the document, even when the level of evidence is low, and the majority of the members of the group in favour, it is put to the consideration of the treating physicians.’21
President of Honduras02 June 2020‘The goal of treatment is to prevent patients from reaching hospitals’.8
President of Bolivia06 August 2020‘These drugs administered in a timely manner are very important to prevent the disease from worsening and also to avoid the saturation of hospitals’.33
President of El Salvador09 August 2020‘They are mild medications but if taken on time they can be very helpful’.6
President of Guatemala13 August 2020‘It has what it takes to be able to treat a person in the first days of the disease’.57 58
Panama Health Minister02 October 2020‘Panama is going to continue using these medications in patients who see fit. There is no reason to fear hydroxychloroquine’.58
Mexico City Health Minister22 January 2021‘29 studies were identified that showed the usefulness of ivermectin in early stages; 12 studies with positive evidence in prophylaxis, 14 studies with evidence as treatment in moderate cases’.7
  • There were no quotes from government officials in the documents for Mato Grosso, Brazil. Alongside Mato Grosso, some reports stated that the municipal governments of Sorriso and Porto Allegre, Brazil, distributed COVID-19 kits.