Table 1

Key informant interviewee occupations

KenyaExecutive director/digital marketer
Sex educator/blogger/vlogger
NGO country director/clinical director
Chief executive officer, tech company
Country director, UN agency
Head of digital health professional association
GhanaCountry director and country directors, UN agency
Advocacy focal point, international NGO
Manager, telemedicine centre, international NGO
Executive director, community-based NGO
Technical advisors, bilateral aid agency
National specialist, UN agency
Peer outreach workers, national NGO
Regional HIV coordinator, national agency
Programme manager, national NGO
National president, youth health network
VietnamHealth advisors, UN agencies
Community leaders, PLHIV networks
Key populations and NGO community leaders
Founders of social enterprises
Medical doctor
  • NGO, non-governmental organisation; PLHIV, people living with HIV; UN, United Nation.