Table 2

Main implementation sites and interventions resulting from the collaboration between Compañeros En Salud and the Chiapas Ministry of Health in Chiapas, Mexico

Name of the locationPopulation*Intervention
Healthcare in rural outpatient clinicsHome-based contact tracing with CHWsCommunication campaignsCreation of the RDCCOVID-19 hotlineImmunisation campaign
Ángel Albino Corzo11 875XX
Capitán Luis A. Vidal†638XXXX
Laguna del Cofre1201XXXX
Plan de la Libertad1497XXX
Salvador Urbina665XXX
PIH five S’sStaff/ stuff/ space/ systems/ social supportStaff/ stuff/ systems/ social supportSystemsStaff/ stuff/ space/systems/ social supportStaff/ systems/ social supportStaff/stuff/ systems
  • Each intervention includes the elements for strengthening health systems it relates according to the Partners In Health five S’s framework (staff, stuff, space, systems and social support).

  • *Data retrieved from the 2020 national census conducted by the Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography ( In most of the interventions, some of the inhabitants of the surrounding communities also benefited directly.

  • †The Capitán Luis A. Vidal facility is managed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the rest by the Chiapas Ministry of Health.

  • CHWs, community health workers; PIH, Partners In Health; RDC, respiratory disease clinic.