Table 2

Description of legal measures documents specifically mentioning digital marketing included in the scoping review (n=28)

CountryYearAimScopeCovered products
0–12 months0–24 months0–36 monthsCommercial milk formula*Other milk products, foods and beverages†Related products‡
African Region
 South Africa201230NA
Region of the Americas
South-East Asian Region
European Region
Eastern Mediterranean Region
 Saudi Arabia201943
Western Pacific Region
 Cook Islands201431NSNSNSNANA
 Lao People’s Democratic Republic200734
  • *Including infant formula, follow-up formula, toddler/growing-up milks and formula products for special medical purposes.

  • †Any provision or drink marketed as a partial or total replacement of breast milk.

  • ‡Products such as teats, feeding bottles, feeding cups (with spouts, straws or teats) and pacifiers.

  • NA, no information available on the issue in the document; NS, the information is not specified in the document consulted but refers to another document.