Table 2

Data collection methods

136 in-depth and semistructured individual interviews (10 with women)Technical Union of mutuality (UTM): national Directorate: 23 and Mopti Regional coordination: 6
State: 7; Expert Group: 8
Civil society and partners: 5
Elected mutualists: 43
Local partners (mayors): 6
Mutualist members: 30
(42 documents)
(See online supplemental appendix 1)
Legislative and regulatory texts, national policies and strategies, strategic plans, study reports, articles
National workshops observationsFinalisation of the UTM Strategic Plan in November 2019
Validation of the national strategy for extending health coverage to agricultural and informal sectors by CBHI, Koulikoro, December 2020
Consultation on CBHI experience in Mopti, January 2019, PADSS2 steering committees
In situ observations and informal interviews7 months, 6 missions, 2–4 research assistants, in 6 communes of the 2 circles.
  • CBHI, community-based health insurance; PADSS2, Programme of Support for Socio-Health Development, Phase 2; UTM, Technical Union of Mutuality.