Table 1

Characteristics of participants (n=40)

Characteristic# of participants (n=40)
Median age (IQR)39 years (32–49)
 Female29 (73%)
 Male11 (28%)
 Woman25 (63%)
 Man11 (28%)
 Non-Binary2 (5%)
 Other: ‘gender non-conforming’2 (5%)
 White29 (73%)
 Asian, South Asian or South East Asian4 (11%)
 Black, Caribbean, African or African American3 (8%)
 Mixed3 (8%)
 First Nations, Native American or Indigenous1 (3%)
Sexual orientation/sexuality
 Straight or heterosexual30 (75%)
 Pansexual or queer4 (10%)
 Gay or lesbian3 (8%)
 Bisexual3 (8%)
Relationship status
 Single (never married; never registered in civil partnership)19 (48%)
 Married17 (43%)
 Separated but still legally married or divorced3 (8%)
 In a registered civil partnership1 (3%)
Employment status since living with Long COVID
 Unable to work/on leave of absence due to Long COVID20 (50%)
Lost job or now unemployed due to Long COVID6 (15%)
 Reduced work hours due to Long COVID5 (13%)
 Unchanged employment status5 (13%)
 Changed employment role or job due to Long COVID4 (10%)
Live alone5 (13%)
Have children18 (45%)
Highest level of education
 Completed university or college19 (48%)
 Postgraduate education17 (43%)
 Completed secondary/high school3 (8%)
 Completed trade or technical training1 (3%)
Self-reported concurrent health conditions and symptoms experienced living with Long COVID that were experienced prior to COVID-19 (>20% of sample)
 Mental health condition15 (38%)
 Headache10 (25%)
 Sleep difficulties (insomnia)10 (25%)
Tested for COVID-19 and received a positive test result
 Yes—Positive Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test20 (50%)
 No— tested and results were negative (eg, COVID-19 not detected)8 (20%)
 No— not tested6 (15%)
 Yes—Positive antibody test4 (10%)
 Yes—Positive antigen test2 (5%)
Living with Long COVID ≥1 year33 (83%)
Vaccination status at time of interview
 Fully vaccinated with a booster dose31 (78%)
 Fully vaccinated without a booster5 (13%)
 Partially vaccinated3 (7%)
 Not vaccinated1 (3%)
Experienced relapse in Long COVID symptoms34 (85%)