Table 6

Multiple linear regression analysis on audience engagement*

VariableLog-transformed dataOriginal data
Estimated interceptSEt-valueEstimated exponentialP value
Author types
Doctors and science communicators0.679930.523331.2991.970.198
Institutional users1.035710.962611.0762.820.286
Nurses and other healthcare workers−0.690530.63963−1.080.500.284
Video production
Presence of people4.236931.037914.08269.20 0.0001
Background music−0.319380.51654−0.6180.730.538
Video content DISCERN instrument
Reliability of the videos (questions 1–8)−0.033880.04143−0.8180.970.416
Quality of treatment choices (questions 9–15)0.138110.067772.0381.15 0.045
Overall information quality (question 16)0.062580.297810.211.060.834
  • Multiple R2 0.4168; adjusted R2 0.3196; F-statistic 4.289 on 12 and 72 degrees of freedom; p value 4.259e-05. Video content was measured by six questions obtained from reports of Goobie et al. 27 Italic content reflects significant p values.

  • *Residual SE: 1.776 on 72 degrees of freedom.