Table 3

Community actions in response to violence against women

Type of actionExamples
Emergency intervention
Providing crisis support to survivorsIntervening in suicide attempts by survivors
Taking survivors to hospital for injuries
Extracting survivors from abusive homes
Interrupting ongoing violencePhysically separating couples or stopping violence
Shouting at or distracting perpetrators
Calming down couples or perpetrators during fights
Survivor support
Providing informal support to survivorsEncouraging survivors to resist violence
Providing emotional support to survivors
Donating money or items to survivors
Promoting couple communicationEncouraging reconciliation and mutual forbearance
Mediating or arbitrating in family disputes
Perpetrator engagement
Verbally sanctioning perpetratorsAdmonishing perpetrators for doing wrong
Confronting perpetrators over their actions
Showing perpetrators that they are being unreasonable
Threatening or punishing perpetratorsThreatening police action or imprisonment
Threatening case registration with NGO
Threatening or effecting violence against perpetrators
Institutional referral
Connecting survivors to NGO servicesProviding contact details of NGO to survivors
Notifying NGO staff of new cases of violence
Getting survivors to visit and register with NGO
Getting the police to respond to cases of violenceAsking police officers to speak to perpetrators
Helping survivors file cases against perpetrators
Helping police catch and prosecute perpetrators
  • NGO, non-governmental organisation.