Table 3

Stakeholders’ involvement in the six countries

AfghanistanEthiopiaPakistanSomaliaSudanZanzibar (Tanzania)
Was any stakeholders’ analysis conducted at the initial stage of the UHC EPHS development?NoNoYesYesNoNo
Who were the national and international stakeholders centrally involved in the EPHS process?
ParliamentNoNoSome parliamentariansSocial Standing CommitteeNoNo
FinanceNoDirector of Economic PlanningYesNoNoYes
PlanningNoNoMember of Social Sector of Planning Commission and staffYesNoYes
Community and patients’ groupsNoNoNoNoNoYes
Private sectorNoNoYesYesNoNo
National academiaNoNational universitiesAga Khan University and Health Services AcademyYesNational Public Health InstituteNo
Multilateral organisationsWHOWHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP IOM and UN health and nutrition clusterWHO, UNICEF, Global Fund, GAVI and WBWHO, UNICEF UNFPA and WBWHOWHO and UNICEF
Humanitarian and development partnersBMGF and WBUK, Italy, USAID, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Germany and CanadaBMGF, USAID and FCDOUK, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, USAID, Gavi and Global FundEUWHO, UNICEF and UNFPA
OthersInternational academic institutesInternational academic institutesInternational academic institutesConsultancy firmInternational academic institutes and Bureau of statistics
What type of support was provided by multilateral organisations?
WHOTechnical supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical supportTechnical and financial support
UNICEFTechnical supportTechnical reviewTechnical and financial supportTechnical supportNoTechnical support
UNDPAll no
World BankTechnical supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical and financial supportTechnical supportNo
  • *An existing profile from Reform Directorate at the MOH was used.

  • BMGF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; EPHS, essential packages of health services; EU, European Union; FDCO, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office UK; GAVI, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance; IOM, International Organization for Migration; MOH, Ministry of Health; UHC, universal health coverage; UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund; UNICEF, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund; USAID, United States Agency for International Development; WB, World Bank; WFP, World Food Programme.