Table 1

Background information on and characteristics of the EPHS in the six focus countries

AfghanistanEthiopiaPakistanSomaliaSudanZanzibar (Tanzania)
Year of completion of the package202120192020 (Generic EPHS), 2021 (six provincial and federating areas EPHS)202020222022
Time required to construct the package2 years1–2 years2 years1–2 years2 years3 years
Main source of evidence adopted as a guideDCP3DCP3 expanded with service listing in UHC CompendiumDCP3DCP3 and UHC CompendiumDCP3 expanded with other packagesDCP3
New package or revision based on a previous packageRevision and expansionRevision and expansionNew package*Revision and expansionNew packageRevision and updating
Delivery platforms targeted by the packageAll delivery platforms†All delivery platformsDistrict-level platforms‡All delivery platformsAll delivery platformsAll delivery platforms
Cost of the EPHS in US$ per capita in the first year§6.940.013.0 for the federal
Number of interventions in the final package158101888412824314
Position of the country on the source of financing the final packagePrepayment schemes and donor fundingPublic finance, donor funding and user feesPublic finance with gap filling from donor fundingPublic finance, donor funding and user feesPublic finance, prepayment, donor funding and user feesPublic finance, public health insurance, prepayment, donor funding and user fees
  • *A rudimentary EPHS existed in two provinces focusing on a few programmes.

  • †DCP3 delivery platforms are community, health centre, first level hospital, referral and specialty hospitals and population-based interventions.

  • ‡All five delivery platforms were prioritised and costed, but the government decided to initially implement the three district level platforms.

  • §All packages will have increasing coverage along the timeline of the Sustainable Development Goals target 3.8 and the projected costs will be considerably higher and require an increase in health allocation.

  • ¶EPHS in each province/area has a different set of interventions and unit cost.

  • DCP3, third edition of the Disease Control Priorities series; EPHS, essential packages of health services; UHC, universal health coverage.