Table 2

Selected health system indicators for the EPHS*

AfghanistanEthiopiaPakistanSomaliaSudanZanzibar† (Tanzania)
UHC Service Coverage Index373949.9 (2020)254443*
Proportion of population with household expenditures on health greater than 10% of total household expenditure or income (SDG 3.8.2) (%)14.6 (2013)4.9 (2015)4 (2017)NA18.4 (2009)3.8 (2011)*
Current health expenditure (CHE) per capita (US$)663348NA4734
Domestic general government health expenditure (GGHE-D) as percentage of gross domestic product (%)1.080.741.08NA1.041.56*
Government spending for health per capita US$5619NA1118.2
Ratio between the EPHS cost per capita in the first year of implementation and government spending for health1.46.70.7NA2.12.0
GGHE-D as percentage of general government expenditure (%)
Out-of-pocket expenditure as percentage of CHE (%)79.337.956.5NA67.416.0
Medical doctor per 10 000 population2.*
Nursing and midwifery personnel per 10 000 population4.*
  • *Data included in this table are mainly based on the WHO’s Global Health Observatory, except for figures updated or reported by the country representatives. Last accessed on March 19, 2022.

  • †Data highlighted with an asterisk (*) belong to Tanzania; the rest is for Zanzibar.

  • EPHS, essential packages of health services; NA, not available; SDG, Sustainable Development Goals; UHC, universal health coverage.