Table 2

Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD)-estimated mortality rate (MR) of mesothelioma by country status and period in 198 countries*

Country statusStatus (countries with data, N)GBD-estimated MR
GBD-estimated MR
P value†
(Deaths per million per year)
Asbestos banBanned (54)
Not-banned (144)2.551.79
Mesothelioma identificationIdentified (102)3.802.260.0231
Not-identified (96)2.691.85
Ban and identificationBanned and identified (48)5.393.34<0.0001
Banned and not-identified (6)3.152.18
Not-banned and identified (54)2.391.79
Not-banned and not-identified (90)2.651.79
Period before year of ban or 2019‡
1–5 yearsBanned (54)5.172.860.0002
Not-banned (144)2.461.80
6–10 yearsBanned (48)4.722.860.0018
Not-banned (144)2.491.82
 >10 yearsBanned (39)4.232.600.0208
Not-banned (144)2.591.82
 All yearsBanned (54)
Not-banned (144)2.551.79
  • See Methods for full definition of asbestos ban and mesothelioma identification.

  • * Six ‘early-banned’ countries that banned asbestos in or before 1990, that is, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, are precluded from this analysis and are analysed separately in table 4. See Methods for full explanation.

  • †P value is for difference of average GBD-estimated MR between two groups or across groups.

  • ‡Period before the year of ban in asbestos-banned countries or period before 2019 in not-banned countries.