Table 1

Baseline characteristics of clusters

Intervention armControl armTotal
A. Number of slums101020
B. Number of households120913422551
C. Total population in the slums457849619539
D. Out of C, no. (%) more than 18 years3521 (77%)3831 (77%)7352
E. Out of D, blood pressure measured at baseline2922 (83%)3234 (84%)6156
F. Out of E, no. (%) of individuals with hypertension991 (33.9%)1083 (33.4%)2074
G. Out of F, no (%) recruited for the study968 (97.6%)984 (91%)1952
H. Average distance to nearest government health facility (mean, range)1.62 km
(0.05–4.8 km)
1.93 km
(0.4–4.9 km)