Table 2

Exposure (self-report) of parents of children under 2 years of age to digital marketing of formula and baby food in Mexico

Exposure and frequency%
Any exposure in the last month93.9
Sites of exposure to digital marketing
 Social media77.4
 Search engines on the internet48.5
 Online stores33.4
 Company’s official websites22.9
 1–2 times per week25.4
 3–5 times per week34.0
 <1 time per week11.1
 Not reported/do not remember9.0
Number of formula and baby food products seen in digital marketing in the last month (mean±SD)26±0.55
 Tertile 19.4±0.28
 Tertile 223.5±0.20
 Tertile 347.0±0.74
Marketing of formula and baby food on sponsored online games for children*69.1
Brands with the highest report of marketing in digital media
Products with reports on marketing in digital media
 Infant formulas (0–6 months)91.9
 Follow-on formulas (6–12 months)84.2
 Growing-up milk (+12 months)89.3
 Special formulas†88.4
Baby foods
 Chips, cookies, puffs, snacks44.7
 Organic baby food54.7
  • Online survey (n=1074).

  • *From 385 parents who reported that their youngest child uses mobile devices to play online games or watch videos.

  • †Functional/fortified formulas, lactose-free formulas and hypoallergenic formulas.