Table 2

Burden of disease rates in the Americas, both sexes, all ages, 2019

High incomeLACSouthern ConeUSACanada
Deaths per 100 000
 Interpersonal violence0.8225.965.825.401.51
 Physical violence by firearm0.2318.303.293.960.47
DALYs per 100 000
 Interpersonal violence72.261495.83381.66364.99122.62
 Physical violence by firearm12.571044.14182.50232.0728.58
  • High income: Western Europe Region; LAC: Andean Latin American, Caribbean, Central Latin American, Tropical Latin American Region; Southern Cone region: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile (Source: Global Burden of Disease, 2019).

  • DALYs, disability-adjusted life years.