Table 2

Timeline of activities

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Semi-annual activities1–23–41–23–41–23–41–23–41–23–4
Building the community-level workforce
Conduct ToTs on community integration of SRH and DRR using the SRH and DRR curriculum.xxxx
Develop materials for advocacy and capacity-building at all levels.xxxxx
Train the community-level health workforce to prepare for and respond to SRH risks in emergencies and develop action plans.xxxxxx
Monitor the implementation of action plans and provide follow-up to trainees.xxxxxx
Establish mechanisms to improve trainee mentorship.xx
Assess the implementation of action plans in project sites.xxxxx
Conduct policy advocacy with NDMA.xxxxxxx
Establish and maintain RH coordination structures at the district level.xxxxxxxx
Train NDMA, law enforcement and others at the national and subnational levels.xxxx
  • DRR, disaster risk reduction; NDMA, National Disaster Management Agency ; RH, reproductive health; SRH, sexual and reproductive health ; ToT, Training of trainers.