Table 1

Interventions implemented in facilities within the three countries implementing EMEN-QI

Targeted interventionPriority interventions implemented in EMEN-QICountry(ies)
Development of infrastructure to support the provision of quality care for mothers and newborns1. Construction of new facilities and renovation of existing onesTZ
2. Upgrading of existing facilities to provide added functions, for example, theatres in health centres for Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care (CEmOC) services and/or increasing bed capacityBD, TZ
3. Construction of toilet and bathing facilities in health centresGH
4. Construction of mechanised boreholes for water supplyGH
5. Establishment of special care newborn units in existing facilitiesAll countries
6. Establishment of newborn stabilisation unit in existing facilitiesBD
7. Establishment of Kangaroo mother care (KMC) unitsAll countries
8. Procurement of motorbikes to support outreach and postnatal home visitsGH
9. Procurement of equipment, drugs and suppliesAll countries
Establishment and institutionalisation of QI processes10. Formation and improving functionality of QI teamsAll countries
11. Support for training and placement of human resources for health to facilitate QIBD, TZ
12. Training, mentorship and coaching support (on site)All countries
13. Introduction and strengthening maternal and newborn health (and breastfeeding) counsellingAll countries
14. Death review and response (maternal and perinatal)All countries
15. Periodic external supervision by (sub)national teamAll countries
16. Strengthening Health Management Information System to incorporate quality indicators as per EMEN and creation of Dashboards in the District Health Information System V.2All countries
17. Strengthening national level oversightAll countries
Implementation of QI interventions around the provision and experience of care18. Infection prevention and controlAll countries
19. Water, sanitation and hygiene in health facilitiesAll countries
20. Adaptation, adoption and use of QI protocols for caregivingAll countries
21. Working-area organisation to facilitate care provision including the sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustainAll countries
22. Effective triaging in maternity careAll countries
23. Ensuring privacy in caregivingAll countries
24. Effective labour monitoring using partographsAll countries
25. Postnatal care and counsellingAll countries
26. Newborn care: resuscitation, breastfeeding promotion, treatment of infections, warm chain (including KMC), sick newborn careAll countries
27. Timely referral for appropriate careAll countries
28.Community engagement for demand-side perspectives and experience of care, including breastfeeding counsellingGH, TZ
  • BD, Bangladesh; EMEN-QI, Every Mother Every Newborn Quality Improvement; GH, Ghana; TZ, Tanzania.