Table 1

Attempting transformation in (community) global health research

The dream—co-owned research with communitiesWhere possible—co-design sharing responsibility of decision-makingAt a minimum: inclusive methods and acknowledgement of contributions
  • Co-produced questions and research strategy (priorities and goals are set with the community)

  • Long timelines that allow communities to experience change

  • Transfer of power and resources is the outcome—building foundations for future independent work (if needed)

  • Impact occurs during the research process

  • Co-design and shared practices of research/project implementation

  • Open and flexible research questions

  • Action to ensure transferability and impact after the study

  • Participatory methods used where research questions are pre-determined by one group

  • Compensation and partnership systems that reflect understandings of local need

  • Reflection and action on transferability of outcomes.

Likely actors: senior/protected academics at top of current power structures with flexibility to push boundariesLikely actors: mid-career academics locked within difficult systems, but some control over designLikely actors: early career or precarious researchers with limited control over design