Table 5

Reported key messages to be included in the ZANZI-ACE music pieces

ThemesSelf-responsibilitySeeking servicesWell-beingNutritionTreatmentSuperstition
Key messagesEveryone has the responsibility to take good care of their eyesight.To seek health services when encountering eye problems.Good eye health leads to a better quality of life.Take nutritious food to gain healthy eyesight.Some eye problems are treatable and preventable.To avoid the element of superstition in handling eye conditions.
Protect your eyes so that they may protect you.Go to the hospital to seek treatment to improve your eyesight.Eye health is essential for social well-being.Eat nutritious food (fruits and vegetables) to enhance your eyes.Protect your eyes by wearing eyeglasses (if you need them).Avoiding superstition about eye disease.
Reduce the use of mobile phones and computers to protect eye health.Get proper advice from the doctor and treatment as soon as you know you have an eye problem.Protect your child’s eye because it is a treasure in your life.Eye problems are treatable.
Healthy eye begins with you.
  • ZANZI-ACE, ZANZIbar Arts for Children’s Eyesight.