Table 4

Latent class logit model results (n=471, McFadden pseudo R2=0.269, AIC=9121.6, BIC=9261.1)

AttributeLevelGroup 1%–68.8% of sampleGroup 2%–31.2% of sample
βSEP valueβSEP value
SupervisionDistrict Health Authority−0.03aa0.28aa
Nurse and/or midwife0.03****0.050.00
Training frequencySporadic training−0.03aa0.02aa
3-day training course +refreshers0.03*0.020.09−
Benefits per month (IDR)25 0001.00******0.070.00
100 0000.73******0.100.03
300 0000.86***
500 0000.59aa−0.12aa
Form of recognitionNone−0.09aa0.99aa
Official endorsement−***0.080.01
Award for good performance−−
Report on results0.11***
Employment structureNo employment contract−0.08aa−0.02aa
Employment contract0.08***
Neither jobNA4.41******0.060.00
  • *, *** denotes significance at p<0.1 and 0.01, respectively; a Reference level.

  • AIC, Akaike Information Criterion; BIC, Bayesian Information Criterion; IDR, Indonesian rupiah.