Table 3

Recommendations on use of antivirals

China (MoH)54China2003NSNA
Dermatology Advisor47Global2017CidofovirFor severe cases only, due to risk of nephrotoxicity
DermNet48Global2014CidofovirSevere cases
eMedicine49Global2020CidofovirSevere life threatening cases
Ireland HPSC53Ireland2021NSNS
PHE/UKHSA52England2019Cidofovir, tecovirimatNS
Singapore FETP46Singapore2020NSNS
Taiwan CDC45Taiwan2009NSNS
UpToDate50Global2021Cidofovir, tecovirimatCidofovir: risk of nephrotoxicity
US CDC55USA2018Cidofovir, brincidofovir, tecovirimatConsider cidofovir and brincidofovir in severe cases
WHO18Global2019TecovirimatOnly as part of clinical research
  • An overview of the antiviral treatments recommended to consider in monkeypox. None of the guidelines provided further indications to guide optimal timing, dose or duration of treatment.

  • CDC, Centres for Disease Control; ECDC, European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention; EMA, the European Medicines Agency; FETP, Singapore Field Epidemiology Training Programme; HPSC, Health Protection Surveillance Centre; MoH, Ministry of Health; NCDC, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control; NS, not stated; PHE, Public Health England; UKHSA, UK Health Security Agency.