Table 1

Key components and their relevance to the HPSR

ElementDescriptionSample activities: linked to HSG activitiesApplication example: HSG/AHPSR women’s mentorship for publication
GoalUltimate ambition being aimed forStrengthening of health policy and systems researchSupport earlier career women in their track record of publications
Individual capacityIndividual skills and expertiseMethodological skills, evidence-informed decision-making, advocacy, networkingPublication skills development
Organisational capacityOrganisational systems and processesQuality assurance for educational programmes, advocacy of member organisationsThis is limited, with a clear potential to embed within organisational context (eg, within workplans and workloads, and staff support and line management) in the future
Network capacityCollective network capacityCollective capacity of thematic working groups, regional expansionEstablishing community of practice involving mentors and mentees
ValuesCore beliefs which shape behaviour and subsequent practicesTransparency, diversity, equity, inclusiveness and accountabilityDiversity, inclusion, transparency, equity, accountability
PrinciplesKey approaches and strategies which inform implementationContext-specificity, equitable ownership and drive, flexibility and sustainabilityContext-specificity, equitable ownership, flexibility
Intended audiencesMain beneficiaries from capacity strengtheningResearchers, policymakers, advocates, educatorsEarlier career female researchers
Key competenciesSpecific capacity attributes across individual, organisational and network levelsConducting rigorous research, effective communication, agenda-setting, robust governance, equitable partnershipsPlanning and writing manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal
Assessments of assets and needsEvaluation of available capacity strengths and needsCapacity survey and on-going consultationsMentees: availability of research material, willingness and commitment to participate
Mentors: availability and competence, matched research interests and
In addition to individual level, future assessments can usefully capture organisational level indicators
Strengthening and unleashingProcess of synergistic capacity strengthening across three levels, which includes recognition and leveraging of available assetsWebinars, skills-building and networking across audiences at global symposia and TWGs, resource repositories, developing shared understandingsInitial induction, followed by regular virtual meetings and reviews of drafts and a face-to-face event involving at Global Symposium for Health Systems Research
  • AHPSR, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research ; HPSR, health policy and systems research; TWG, Thematic Working Group.