Table 1

Country context

Legal status of abortionAbortion is permitted when there is a threat to the health or life of the pregnant woman27Abortion permitted on request up to 12 weeks; and up to 28 weeks in cases of:
  • rape

  • incest

  • fetal abnormality

  • incurable illness in the pregnant woman

  • threat to the life or health (mental or physical) of the pregnant woman35

Abortion is prohibited with no explicit exceptions39
Maternal mortality ratio342/100 000 live births51239/100 000 live births52426/100 000 live births53
Modern contraceptive prevalence53%5443%5240%53
% of Official Development Assistance (ODA) for population policies/programmes and reproductive health coming from USG (2017)79%2665%2659.4%26
  • ODA, Official Development Assistance; USG, US government.