Table 4

Women’s involvement in decision-making, discussion and demand for information in four districts of Madhya Pradesh

DescriptionWomen’s endline survey (n=4423)
Prevalence across study armsIntention to treatPrevalence across exposed versus not exposed groupsInstrumental variable
Int.ControlDiff.RR95% CIP valueExposedNot exposedDiff.CATE95% CIP value
Women involved in family planning or birth spacing decision-making87.987.40.501.000.98 to 1.030.7688.687. to 1.130.76
Women involved in the decision-making on when to start complementary feeding84.381.62.751.031.00 to 1.060.04184.782.81.941.111.00 to 1.240.042
Women involved in the decision about what complementary foods to give child89.788.01.751.021.00 to 1.040.1392.088.53.501.080.98 to 1.200.13
Discussion in last month
Talked to family about family planning49.849.10.731.010.95 to 1.070.7450.849.31.501.050.80 to 1.390.72
Discussed family planning with FLHW13.213.5(0.30)0.970.84 to 1.130.7013.413.30.130.870.46 to 1.640.66
Talked to FLHW about complementary feeding47.345. to 1.120.1750.445.84.571.230.89 to 1.690.21
Discussed infant feeding with FLHW19.421.3(1.90)0.900.80 to 1.010.08519.820.4−0.630.690.47 to 0.990.045
Spoke to FLHW about issues other than a child’s illness, feeding3. to 1.330.942.74.0−1.270.870.08 to 9.080.91
Discussed child’s illness with FLHW17.518.5(0.97)0.950.83 to 1.070.3816.418.2−1.800.800.51 to 1.250.32
Demand for health information
Asked an FLHW about family planning since birth of child25. to 1.100.9422.625.4−2.760.990.59 to 1.660.96
Asked a health worker about family planning since birth of child28.728. to 1.100.9827.028.9−1.881.010.64 to 1.610.96
Ever asked for advice on child’s immunisations37.038.0(0.91)0.980.91 to 1.060.6139.837.02.740.940.75 to 1.180.60
Ever asked FLHW for advice on child’s immunisations32.133.0(0.89)0.980.90 to 1.060.6034.432.22.190.940.73 to 1.200.60
Asked health worker for advice on child immunisation32.733.7(1.01)0.980.90 to 1.060.5634.832.91.950.930.73 to 1.190.56
Asked for advice on breast feeding23.025.2(2.19)0.920.83 to 1.020.1222.524.4−1.880.760.56 to 1.040.088
Asked for advice from health worker on breast feeding12.914.0(1.04)0.930.80 to 1.080.3312.013.7−1.640.770.48 to 1.240.28
Asked FLHW for advice on breast feeding11.612.2(0.57)0.950.81 to 1.120.5710.712.1−1.330.840.49 to 1.450.54
Receipt (supply) of health information, services
Told about family planning by a health worker since birth of child49.950.8(0.83)0.980.92 to 1.040.4649.250.5−1.280.910.71 to 1.170.45
Ever received advice on child’s immunisations from FLHW87.687.8(0.18)1.000.98 to 1.020.8786.987.8−0.870.990.93 to 1.070.86
Received advice on child immunisation from a health worker88.588.9(0.45)1.000.97 to 1.020.6687.988.8−0.900.980.92 to 1.050.64
FLHW encourage/escorted women for child’s immunisation or health check33.034.2(1.15)0.960.88 to 1.040.3429.933.9−3.990.770.48 to 1.240.28
Received an FLHW visit in the first 2 months postpartum60.059.60.361.000.95 to 1.050.9160. to 1.090.91
Received the all eligible FLHW visits in the first 2 months1. to 1.860.901.600.830.771.010.47 to 2.200.97
Received advice on breast feeding78.378.00.321.010.98 to 1.040.7079. to 1.130.71
Received breast feeding advice from FLHW61.960.21.681.030.98 to 1.080.2362. to 1.310.24
FLHW encouraged/escorted them to a health facility in the last month23.924.8(0.85)0.960.86 to 1.060.4221.324.6−3.320.760.43 to 1.350.35
FLHW gave them drugs or supplies in the last month21.121.3(0.19)0.980.88 to 1.100.7421.321.20.110.890.49 to 1.630.70
  • CATE, compliance adjusted treatment effects; CF, complementary feeding; Diff, difference; FLHW, frontline health worker; FP, family planning; Int., intervention; RR, relative risk.