Table 6

Family planning knowledge among men in four districts of Madhya Pradesh

DescriptionMen’s survey (n=3842)
Prevalence across study armsIntention to treatInstrumental variable
Int.ControlDifferenceRR95% CIP valueCATE95% CIP value
Family planning knowledge
Safe methods for delaying pregnancy96.396.7(0.37)1.000.98 to 1.010.550.980.92 to 1.040.55
One or more benefits of family planning96.597.0(0.45)1.000.98 to 1.010.570.980.93 to 1.040.56
One or more benefits of small family84.283.90.351.000.98 to 1.030.771.020.91 to 1.130.76
Source of pregnancy test
FLHW33.733. to 1.110.791.050.74 to 1.480.80
Health centre59.159.3(0.19)1.000.94 to 1.050.890.990.80 to 1.210.90
Government provides free pregnancy tests66.066.3(0.37)1.000.96 to 1.040.961.000.84 to 1.180.97
Birth spacing
3 years gap is ideal99.699.61.001.00 to 1.000.951.000.98 to 1.020.95
Know the benefits of a 3-year age gap97.397.6(0.32)1.000.99 to 1.010.810.990.95 to 1.040.81
Postpartum pregnancy risk
Woman can get pregnant before menses returns46.444.91.541.040.97 to to 1.300.24
Female sterilisation
Ever heard of99.499.6(0.20)1.000.99 to 1.000.480.990.97 to 1.010.48
Knowledge that services are free96.295.80.411.010.99 to 1.020.441.020.97 to 1.080.43
Timing: can be done at time of birth59.459. to 1.060.851.020.83 to 1.250.87
Male sterilisation
Ever heard of95.195.8(0.67)0.990.98 to 1.010.460.980.94 to 1.030.46
Knowledge that services are free86.587.7(1.15)0.990.97 to 1.010.410.960.86 to 1.060.40
Causes men to become weak59.459.10.331.000.95 to 1.050.910.990.78 to 1.260.92
Does not require incision or stitches49.249.4(0.12)1.000.94 to 1.070.941.000.77 to 1.310.97
Postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device
Ever heard of58.856.91.901.051.00 to 1.100.0701.160.99 to 1.350.070
Knowledge that services are free43.843. to 1.090.581.060.88 to 1.280.55
Timing: can be done at time of birth38.236.31.851.060.98 to to 1.330.13
Awareness of other methods
Medroxyprogesterone acetate/injectables68.668.10.471.010.97 to 1.060.561.040.92 to 1.160.53
Oral contraceptive pills87.285.71.421.020.99 to to 1.250.13
Condoms98.998.9(0.02)1.000.99 to 1.010.881.000.97 to 1.040.87
Emergency contraceptives50.551.4(0.89)0.990.94 to 1.050.850.970.74 to 1.260.81
Health providers as source for information, methods
Know to ask health provider questions about family planning use70.667.62.981.051.00 to 1.090.0321.271.00 to 1.620.047
Keep FLHW number handy in case of emergency82.682. to 1.030.941.010.88 to 1.150.93
  • CATE, compliance adjusted treatment effects; CF, complementary feeding; Diff, difference; FLHW, frontline health worker; FP, family planning; Int., intervention; OCPs, oral contraceptive pills; RR, relative risk.