Table 2

Journal characteristics by number and proportion of sub-Saharan African women first authors

RankJournal nameImpact factor (2016)N (total # of first authors in database/by Journal)No of sub-Saharan African women, first authorsProportion of sub-Saharan African women, first authors
1African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family MedicineNA66340.515
2African Journal of Reproductive Health0.755230.418
3South African Medical Journal1.7385300.353
4Global Health Action1.79155470.303
5Pan African Medical JournalNA233690.296
6BMC Public Health2.27298880.295
7BMC Health Services Research1.83188530.282
8BMC Research Notes2.28148390.264
9PLOS ONE2.815501030.187
10Malaria Journal2.72229390.170
  • (Note: If an impact factor was not reported on a journal’s website or in Journal Citation Reports, it is listed as NA).

  • NA, not available.