Table 3

Pilot monitoring and evaluation framework

Facility levelData collection toolCompleted byWhat was included
LocalSupervision tool and summary scoring sheetLocal clinician in charge of NCD clinic/health facilityOutcomes measured included:
Improved clinical practice (review of clinical records).
  • Patients with NCDs are diagnosed using correct criteria

  • Detection and management of complications according to WHO/PCI clinical guidelines

Improved system approach to NCD management.
  • An up-to-date NCD register is maintained

  • Evidence of medication stock outs

  • A call and recall system has been implemented

NationalM&E tracker: using the supervision tool and summary scoring sheets, data were inputted at country level using the PCI websiteUNHCR PHOsOutcome indicators included:
Improved awareness of NCDs among public health and clinical staff
  • Health managers and clinicians can describe why NCDs are important and identify three key features of good NCD care

Improved knowledge/skills of clinicians and public health staff on NCDs evidence-based care
  • Proportion of trainers with increased knowledge and skills after training

  • Proportion of trainers who delivered at least one cascade training

  • Numbers of clinicians who received cascaded training

  • Increased knowledge and skills for those receiving cascade training (pre-and post-test scores)

  • Summary of outcome measures in supervision tool above

GlobalMaster Comparison Table PCIA summary of baseline, midpoint and endpoint data, from the M&E tracker, for each country/region was collated into the Master Comparison Table
  • M&E, monitoring and evaluation; NCD, non-communicable disease; PCI, Primary Care International; PHO, Public Health Officer; UNHCR, United Nations Refugee Agency.