Table 1

Newborn health interventions as per Field Guide7

Essential newborn care (ENC)
Initiation of breathing*Drying, clearing airway, stimulation through rubbing the back and neonatal resuscitation (using bag and mask), if required.
Thermal careDrying, warming, skin-to-skin and delayed bathing of a newborn.
Hygiene and infection preventionClean birth practices, hand washing and clean cord/skin/eye care. Use of clean and dry cord care or use chlorhexidine according to the setting’s neonatal mortality.
Feeding supportSkin-to-skin contact, support for exclusive and immediate breast feeding and not discarding colostrums.
Monitoring of danger signsFrequent assessment for danger signs of serious infections and other conditions that require more specialised care.
Postnatal care checksVisits in the first month of life (24 hours, 3 days and 7–15 days).
Delay of cord clamping and administration of vitamin K†
Care of small and sick newborns
  • Extrathermal care, including Kangaroo Mother Care when possible.

  • Additional support for feeding of small and preterm newborns.

  • Treatment of infections and jaundice.†

  • Adequate use of oxygen therapy.

  • *This set of interventions is included in the MISP but not as part of the ENC. These interventions are part of the EmONC and neonatal resuscitation is one of the signal functions.

  • †Not included in the MISP.

  • MISP, Minimum Initial Service Package.