Table 1

Stock of SDG3.c health workers (medical doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists) in 2020 by WHO region (in millions)

RegionDentistsMedical doctorsMidwivesNursesPharmacists
African region0.040.330.251.190.09
Region of the Americas0.592.490.108.270.59
Eastern Mediterranean region0.190.800.091.110.23
European region0.573.410.407.390.60
South-East Asia region0.301.550.553.581.32
Western Pacific region0.844.070.817.560.85
  • *The total of the five occupations is 2.54+12.65+2.20+29.10+3.69=50.1 million.

  • SDG, Sustainable Development Goal.