Table 3

Estimation of the global health workforce shortage (in millions) in 2013, 2020 and projected in 2030 by occupation

201320202030 (projected)
Medical doctors3.052.661.94
Midwifery personnel0.360.410.31
Nursing personnel9.897.074.50
Other occupations6.024.693.08
  • Shortage estimated against occupation-specific threshold established from the median density of 51.2 health workers (dentists, medical doctors, midwifery personnel, nursing personnel and pharmacists) per 10 000 population in 2013. Projections to 2030 were based on a stock and flow model accounting for attrition (due to retirement) and the replenishment of the health workforce by new graduates.

  • *Estimated by applying the share of other occupations by region computed from a subset of 82 countries reporting the stock for at least 15 occupational groups.