Table 3

Descriptive statistics of health system inputs for NCD prevention service, Ethiopian health extension programme, 2022

Sample characteristics (n=9680)% or mean (weighted)
Health system inputs and process
Health post compile community (kebele) information profile (%)73.38
Health centre’s HEP coordinator received training on HEP packages (%)36.49
HEWs’ involvement in community activities other than HEP (%)82.16
Health post had received supportive supervision from woreda health office in the last 6 months (%)46.49
Health centres provide supervision to health post (%)99.89
Health post with blood pressure (BP) measurement service (%)62.20
Most recent performance assessment made for HEW by (Month/s ago) (mean, SD)1.96 (2.15)
Community members involved in the performance assessment of HEWs
Health centres provide training for HEWs in the last 2 year (%)37.37
Health centres collect NCD reports from health posts (%)31.09
  • HEW, health extension worker; NCD, non-communicable disease.