Table 2

Descriptive statistics of health extension workers' characteristics and perception towards HEP, Ethiopian health extension programme, 2022

Health extension workers characteristics and perception% or mean (weighted)
HEWs age (mean, years)26.3 (4.8)
 18–24 years21.52
HEWs length of service year (mean, years)7.1 (4.7)
 0 –<523.29
 5 –<1019.69
Place where the HEW grew up (%)
 Outside of woreda23.94
 In the woreda47.35
 In the kebele28.71
HEWs level of education (%)
 Level 1–349.89
 Level 450.11
HEW’s marital status (%)
 Currently in union74.64
 Currently not in union25.36
Area the HEWs' live (%)
 In nearby town37.11
 In the kebele62.89
HEW who participated in NCDs short-term training (%)21.86
HEW self-reported level of competence to measure BP (%)91.94
HEWs’ perception towards HEP and health system support, composite index (mean score, SD)−0.39 (1.02)
  • BP, blood pressure; HEW, health extension worker; NCD, non-communicable disease.