Table 1

Key challenges and lessons learnt in translation implementation research

ThemeExemplary quote
Developing your voice and tone as a translator“The first 10 or 15 transcripts I was doing, I was still trying to figure out how to translate, I was developing my style in translating.” (P02)
Conveying the depth of idioms“Sometimes I feel like maybe there are certain words that could have been better translated, but I couldn't find a specific way to express them…That’s one of the main challenges that I encountered.” (P01)
Distance from the study context“I still remember my first transcript, it was brutal… because I didn’t know if I could translate it well… and then we accumulate more experience, it became much easier to translate. And then you could start analysing the stories behind the transcript [because] there’s a story that comes together. You know the different levels of work from the clinics to the township hospitals to the CDC. Gradually the picture started to come together nicely.” (P03)
Lessons learnt
Iterative word banks increase accuracy and understanding“The unified word translation document helped it to be consistent between translations.” (P04)
Team building between translators can strengthen the translation process“If you're able to connect with other translators, I think it would be very helpful…And to ask how they would approach the same problem.” (P01)
Introspection and reflexivity are important towards translator engagement and sense-making“The conditions in Tibet were reminiscent of the stories of my parents growing up in kind of rural China…Like for me, in a way, it also kind of brought a different deeper sense of connection [to the text).” (P02)