Table 2

Comparison of the HRH strategic plan development processes with the WHO 2006 recommendation

WHO requirementsBotswanaEritreaEswatiniEthiopiaKenyaLiberiaMalawiNamibiaRwandaSierra LeoneSouth AfricaSouth SudanTanzaniaZambia
Situational analysisSet up a multisectoral teamX
Assign tasks, responsibilities, develop work plan and scheduleXX
Collect data and information from existing documents and key informants
Compile and analyse findings into draft reportXX
Obtain feedback from stakeholders and partnersXXX
Finalise the report and publish/print
Widely disseminate the report and use it for developing policy and planXXXX
Update/review the HR status documentXXXX
Developing the HRH strategic planHR head in MOH leads preparatory work, TOR
Multidisciplinary/ sectoral working group set upXX
Collecting all relevant documents, HR policy, situation
Developing zero draft of HR planXX
Stakeholder inputs into HR PlanXX
Revision of draft with stakeholder inputsXX
Costing of the final plan led by health economist/ plannersX
Final approval of the plan by relevant authoritiesX
Printing and dissemination of plan to all stakeholdersX
Implementation and monitoring of plan at all levels
Evaluation and revision in the last plan year plan
  • *Rwanda refers to HRH policy, but all the other countries are HRH strategies

  • HRH, human resources for health.