Table 1

Thematic codes for commitments made by all member states at an international forum

DimensionThematic codesDefinition
Commitment typeIdeasA statement that upholds or supports a principle, action or commitment.
RecommendationsA statement urging, recommending or requesting actions to be taken by member states.
Intended actionsA statement that commits member states to engage in a specified action.
GAP objectiveGAP objective 1A commitment to improve the awareness and understanding of AMR through effective communication, education and training.
GAP objective 2A commitment to strengthen the knowledge and evidence base on AMR through surveillance and research.
GAP objective 3A commitment to reduce the incidence of infection through effective sanitation, hygiene and infection prevention measures.
GAP objective 4A commitment with the goal of optimising the use of antimicrobial medicines in human and/or animal health.
GAP objective 5A commitment to develop an economic case for sustainable investment in AMR (eg, new medicines, vaccinations, diagnostic tools, other interventions).
SectorAnimal healthA commitment to act on the animal health or agricultural implications of AMR.
EnvironmentalA commitment to act on the environmental implications of AMR.
Human healthA commitment to act on the human health implications of AMR.
One healthA commitment to action that integrates human, animal and environmental health.
  • AMR, antimicrobial resistance; GAP, Global Action Plan.