Table 1

Membership and composition of technical Vector Control Advisory groups (groups) in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Malawi

Burkina Faso
Advisory unitDecision unit*Advisory unitDecision unit*
Membership by institution category* (no and %)
 Government (breakdown below)9 (35)8 (57)9 (35)5 (33)2 (13)
 Domestic academic and research8 (31)6 (43)13 (50)7 (47)8 (53)
 Donors, technical and implementing partners†7 (26)04 (16)3 (20)5 (33)
 Private sector‡2 (7)0000
Government Ministries and Commissions
 Animals and Fisheries¶††††††****
 Environment and Climate Change††††******
 Water and Sanitation††********
 Scientific Research and Innovation****††††**
 Human Rights Commission††††******
Vector Borne Disease programmes
 Neglected tropical diseases††††††****
 Human African Trypanosomiasis**********
  • In Burkina Faso and Malawi, group members were selected and appointed by the National Ministry of Health. In Cameroon, this was done by the Ministry of Health and the Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases.

  • *Decision-making unit members are a subset of advisory unit members (Burkina Faso and Cameroon).

  • †For example, WHO country office, US Agency for International Development.

  • ‡Private companies for profit such as the National Union of Cotton Producers in Burkina Faso or equivalent in Burkina Faso: Ministry of agriculture and hydraulic development; Cameroon: Ministry of agriculture and rural development.

  • §Or equivalent in Burkina Faso: Ministry of economy, finance and development.

  • ¶Or equivalent in Burkina Faso: Ministry of animal and fishery resources; Cameroon: Ministry of livestock fisheries and animal industry.

  • **Not included in membership.

  • ††Included in membership.