Table 3

Emerging concepts regarding perceptions of visiting surgical teams by low-income and middle-income country (LMIC) stakeholders.

Skills improvementSystem-level strengtheningImmediate clinical careAcademic/Career benefitsBroader collaboration opportunitiesPoor quality of careInsufficient knowledge transfersConcerns of ethics/equityAdministrative and financial issuesCompetitionLanguage barriers
LMIC ownership
 Ke et al32xx
 Mitchell et al46x
 Woolley et al37xxx
 Alassani et al38xxx
 Nwafor et al35xxxx
 Elobu et al27xxxx
LMIC involvement
 Munabi et al22xxx
 Cheok et al20xxx
 Cadotte et al26xxxx
 Kavolus et al28x
 Cadotte et al29xxxx
 Munabi et al19x
 Roberts et al17xxxxxxx
 Margolick et al39xxx
 Roche et al43xxxxx
 Hayton et al24x
 Cook et al25xxxxx
 Roche and Hall-Clifford42xxxx
 Haglund et al30xx
No LMIC involvement
 Vyas et al34xx
 Billig et al33xx
 Cameron et al31xxxxx
 Worden et al23x
 Schoenbrunner et al44xx
 Green et al41xxxxx
 Close and Christie-de Jong40xxx
 Coughran et al21xxxxxxx